The kitchen is now the main showstopper in every household. It’s no longer just a place to cook your meals. The kitchen landscape is a place of entertainment, conversation, and is the centerpiece for daily life.

The durability of quartz mixed with its unprecedented look will give your kitchen a timeless and luxury look. What interior design styles does quartz work well with? According to Warren McCarthy, Stone Supervisor of family run business Innovative Benchtop Solutions, “Quartz works well with everything. It is becoming more and more widely used in kitchens too as a splashback option. When matched to the countertop, a quartz splashback creates a continuous stylish and opulent look in the kitchen. It is also far easier to clean as a splashback than tiles, where grout becomes discoloured and dirt attaches to it or even glass, which becomes streaky and oily if placed behind a cook-top.”