Walk of Western Stars

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Since 1981, The Walk of Western Stars has honored the legends of Western film, television and radio who have contributed to America’s heritage.  Inductees are honored with bronze stars and terrazzo tiles stamped into Main Street in Old Town Newhall.

The cinematic appeal of the Old West is undeniable. Few things captivate audiences like a striking cowboy beneath a golden sunset or the simple beauty of the untouched American landscape. Since the debut of the Western genre in the early 20th century, audiences world-wide have tuned in to the classic Old West tale of good overcoming evil.

Today, the mystique of the Old West lives on in Santa Clarita, one of the most filmed areas in the Los Angeles area. For nearly a century, the film industry and screen legends like John Ford, William S. Hart and Gene Autry have flocked to the Santa Clarita Valley to capture its versatility and authentic Western heritage.

Similar in style to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Walk of Western Stars honors actors, directors and film professionals for their contributions to Western heritage in America. Previous honorees have included Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, John Wayne, Sam Elliott, Richard Farnsworth and Bruce Dern, among others.

Each April, the City of Santa Clarita inducts a new honoree, or two, into The Walk of Western Stars. The ceremony is held in conjunction with the City’s acclaimed Cowboy Festival, which celebrates the sights, sounds and style of the Old West. For more information about the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, visit www.CowboyFestival.org.

Q: How do I attend the Walk of Western Stars induction ceremonies?
The induction ceremonies are typically held the 3rd Thursday in April leading up to the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. The ceremonies are free to attend; no tickets are required. Viewing space is available on a first come basis. There are no seats or reservations required.

Q: Where exactly is the Walk of Westerns Stars? What is the official address?
The Walk of Western Stars is a series of stars on a public sidewalk which stretches on both sides of Main Street in Old Town Newhall. There is no dedicated address. The City of Santa Clarita administers the Walk of Western Stars. For correspondence related to the sidewalk:
20880 Centre Pointe Parkway, Santa Clarita, CA 91350 | 661-250-3787

Q: Do you offer tours of the Walk of Western Stars?
We do not offer guided tours; however, there is a self-guided tour through the Newhall Walking Tour App, available from the App Store, Amazon and Google Play. With the Newhall Walking Tour App as your guide, explore the Walk of Western Stars direct from your smartphone. Printable maps are also available here (insert link).

Q: Why is ‘ENTER NAME HERE’ getting a star?
Someone submitted a complete nomination form on behalf of ‘ENTER NAME HERE’; and among all the names submitted in that year, ‘ENTER NAME HERE’ was selected.

Q: Why does ‘ENTER NAME HERE’ not have a star?
No one has nominated ‘ENTER NAME HERE’ or ‘ENTER NAME HERE’ was nominated, but not selected.

Q: When can I visit the Walk of Western Stars?
The Walk of Western Stars is open year round, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a public sidewalk, free to enjoy anytime you want. No tickets, no operating hours are involved.

Q: Who maintains the Walk of Western Stars?
The Walk of Western Stars is a public sidewalk and is the property of the City of Santa Clarita.  If you wish to report a problem with the condition of the Walk of Western Stars, please contact the City of Santa Clarita’s Arts and Events office at (661) 250-3787.

Q: How can I nominate someone to the Walk of Western Stars?
Please visit our nomination page for more information.

Q: How can I find out if someone has a star on the Walk of Fame?
Visit the Honorees page or Interactive Map on this website.

Q: What are the stars made of?
Terrazzo and Brass

The Walk of Western Stars began in 1981 to honor the legends of Western film, television and radio who have contributed to America’s heritage since 1900. The Old West comes alive again each year when western stars are immortalized in bronze and terrazzo tile on the streets of Old Town Newhall during the City of Santa Clarita’s Cowboy Festival. Below is a list of the Walk of Western Stars Honorees. Learn more about each honoree with our interactive map.



Year Inducted
James Drury 2019
Robert Fuller 2019
Dan White 2019
Bo Hopkins 2017
Andre and Renaud Veluzat 2017
Hal Needham 2016
Johnny Crawford 2016
Diamond Farnsworth 2015
Waddie Mitchell 2015
Charles Bronson 2014
Steve McQueen 2014
Rodolfo Acosta 2013
Stuart Hamblen 2013
Lee Marvin 2013
Joel Cox 2012
Glenn Ford 2012
John Ford 2011
Lloyd Bridges 2010
Gary Cooper 2010
Audie Murphy 2010
James Stewart 2010


Year Inducted
Joel McCrea 2009
David Carradine 2008
Jack Lilley 2008
John Saxon 2008
Harry Dean Stanton 2007
Phil Rawlins 2007
Sons of the San Joaquin 2007
James Arness 2006
Rhonda Fleming 2006
Robert Horton 2006
Andrew Prine 2006
Powers Boothe 2005
Harry Carey, Jr. 2005
Graham Greene 2005
Jack Williams 2005
Keith Carradine 2004
Melissa Gilbert 2004
Loren Janes 2004
Buck Page 2004
William Boyd 2003
Bruce Dern 2003
Riders in the Sky 2003
Buck Taylor 2003
Alex Cord 2002
John Schneider 2002
Peggy Stewart 2002
Wilford Brimley 2001
JoAnne Darcy 2001
Linda Grey 2001
Herb Jefferies 2001
Peter Brown 2000
Don Edwards 2000
Richard Farnsworth 2000


Year Inducted
Sam Elliot 1993
Jack Palance 1993
Katharine Ross 1993
Woody Strode 1993
Stuart Whitman 1993
Virginia Mayo 1992
Montie Montana 1992
Jane Russell 1992
Hoyt Axton 1991
George Montgomery 1991
Hugh O’Brian 1991
Denver Pyle 1991
Bruce Boxleitner 1990
Lee Horsley 1990
Cliffe Stone 1990
Morgan Woodward 1990


Year Inducted
Hoot Gibson 1988/9
Doug McClure 1988/9
Dale Robertson 1988/9
Amanda Blake 1987
Harry Carey Sr. 1987
Ben Johnson 1987
Iron Eyes Cody 1985/6
Chuck Connors 1985/6
Monte Hale 1985/6
Robert Conrad 1984
Clayton Moore 1984
Clint Walker 1984
John Wayne 1984
Dennis Weaver 1984
Claude Akins 1983
Pat Buttram 1983
Dale Evans 1983
Andy Jauregui 1983
Roy Rogers 1983
Tex Williams 1983
Rex Allen 1982
Eddie Dean 1982
Tex Riter 1982
Gene Autry 1981
William S. Hart 1981
Tom Mix 1981

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Walk of Western Stars Induction Ceremony was not held. The honorees selected for induction in 2020 will instead be honored in 2021. Nominations will once again be accepted in 2021 for the 2022 honoree induction.

Download the Walk of Western Stars Nomination Application and Guidelines.
Deadline for submission is Friday, September 24, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Please read carefully the guidelines and process to submit an application. The Walk of Western Stars committee selects two nominees for recognition annually.

Completed nomination applications should be mailed to:
City of Santa Clarita
Walk of Western Stars
20880 Centre Pointe Parkway
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

or Emailed to: