Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Specific Plan?

A Specific Plan, under California law, is a regulatory planning document for a defined geographic area. It implements the goals and policies of a jurisdiction’s General Plan by establishing land use, zoning and development standards that are unique to and applicable only within the Specific Plan area.

What is the process to update the Plan and how long will it take?

The Plan update process commenced in March 2021. It is expected to last 10 months, culminating in a City Council hearing in early 2022 for review and potential adoption.

The update process will play out over four phases. During Phase I, the project team, comprising City and consultant staff, will do extensive background research on what exists in the physical space of Old Town Newhall. The team will listen to and learn from community members to understand their knowledge and expectations. In this first phase, the Project team will pull together a clear set of design and planning principles that the City and stakeholders can agree and act upon in developing alternatives.

During Phase II, the Project team will develop alternative future scenarios for Old Town Newhall. The development of these alternatives will be an iterative process, engaging the community and stakeholders at workshops and events.

In Phase III, a Preferred Plan will be selected based on community input, stakeholder preferences, consistency with guiding principles, key performance metric results and City direction.

Phase IV will focus on the adoption of the Old Town Newhall Specific Plan.

How will an update to the Old Town Newhall Specific Plan benefit me?

The proposed Plan update will be shaped by the ideas and input of the community and will generally ensure that future improvements are addressing your needs and aspirations. Specifically:

  • If you are a property owner within the Plan area, you can expect to see greater clarity on what and how you can use and develop your property.
  • If you are a resident of the Plan area, you can expect to see more amenities that address your needs, as well as safer streets and opportunities for jobs and housing.
  • If you are visitor, you can expect to see Main Street and Old Town Newhall build on their success as vibrant destinations that offers a mix of retail, food and creative experiences.

How can I become involved in this project?

The project’s success depends on community members’ and stakeholders’ involvement in shaping and forming the Old Town Newhall Specific Plan. Here are a few ideas for how to be involved:

  • Subscribe to our e-mail list to stay up to date on the progress of the project and to be notified of upcoming events.
  • Participate in an upcoming community event and encourage your friends and neighbors to come along.
  • Call or e-mail the City of Santa Clarita’s Project Manager with your thoughts or questions at or (661) 255-4365.

When are you planning to host events that I can participate in?

We are planning two public events to solicit your feedback and input.

The first event, tentatively scheduled for Summer 2021, will serve as a visioning session to hear your ideas, aspirations and needs. This event will likely be an outdoor-only event that provides community members the opportunity to experience Old Town Newhall on the ground through a socially-distanced walking tour. Details to be confirmed.

The second event, tentatively scheduled for Fall 2021, will present (based on your input from the first event) alternative scenarios for Old Town Newhall. Your input will help shape the preferred Plan before it is reviewed and potentially adopted by the City Council in early 2022.

For members of the public unable to participate at planned events, we are also developing a self-guided walking tour. This will enable you to conduct a tour at your own pace and timing, with guidance provided on how to document and submit your observations and ideas to the project team. Stay tuned.

How will COVID-19 affect my ability to participate in the planning process?

All outreach efforts will be consistent with COVID-19 public health guidelines to ensure your safety. Public engagement will be flexible to accommodate a variety of activities to ensure high-quality engagement through virtual methods and socially distanced activities. Virtual meetings will be held where appropriate and in-person workshops will be outdoors and socially distanced, with options for self-guided tours and an exploration of alternatives presented.

How is this project funded?

This planning effort is being conducted by the City of Santa Clarita and is supported by grant funding from the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

Can I attend meetings and/or participate if English is not my preferred language?

Any member of the public who needs accommodations should email or call the Planning Division Secretary at or (661) 286-4083.




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