10 by 10

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24266 Main Street, Old Town Newhall
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

10 by 10 is a variety night giving ten selected entertainers the chance to take the stage for a ten minute performance of their choosing. Audience members will enjoy storytelling, magic, comedy, improv, music, and other forms of entertainment at this ever changing event.Admission is FREE! 

We are interested in short live theatre pieces, improv, comedy, magic, dance, monologues, music, and anything else you think might entertain an audience.  Each month, ten performers will be selected to perform a 10-minute piece. All types of art forms are accepted and considered; however, there are some restrictions on live music.  Performers are responsible for their own property.

Interested in performing at 10 by 10? If so, please submit an application.

October 5, 2017

Thursdays@Newhall’s 10 by 10 variety show continues to amuse and entertain attendees month after month. This free evening of entertainment is one you won’t want to miss.

    by Cait Chock

    Cait Chock is a writer, comedian, and storyteller living in Los Angeles. She loves her dog, sarcasm, and French toast in that order. You can find her on Instagram @caitchock and website www.caitchock.com.

    with Dave Child

    Dave has performed stand-up at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the Boston Comedy Festival, Crom Fest in Denver (and Omaha), Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans, as well as several weird bars and weirder comedy clubs.

    with Stan Sellars

    Actor, comedian Stan Sellers has appeared on many television shows. On a weekly basis he can be seen at comedy clubs throughout Los Angeles. He has opened for Jerry Seinfeld, and Ron White of the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour.”

    with Glenn Dalf

    Glenn Dalf has performed his special blend of comedy magic in theaters, auditoriums, bars, lounges, festivals, restaurants, and more.   He originally moved from Tallahassee, Florida to enroll in the prestigious school of manual dexterity and prestidigitation, Chavez Studio of Magic.

    with The New Mexican

    The New Mexican, who hails from the High Desert, is 10 by 10’s one-man-band.  Playing a variety of instruments from percussion and banjo to harmonica and guitar, the New Mexican entertains audiences with his alternative folk music.

    by Lang Parker

    Lang is an actor who has appeared in film and television.  She is a comedian and also is a comedy writer for the Emmy-nominated NBC show Last Comic Standing.  Lang’s credits include: Beverly Hills 90210, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 40+ national and international commercials, as well as dozens of movie and television roles. 

    by Abby Lyons

    Abby Lyons (CalArts ’16) is a singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, and ukulele player. She released her debut self-titled album in May, 2017 after fully funding the project with a Kickstarter campaign. Currently, she regularly posts short covers on Instagram and original songs on YouTube.

    “Angie and Zahra” and “PHANTASMAGORIC”

    “Angie and Zahra”
    Written and directed by Yulin Kuang, the film follows Angie and Zahra who are BFFL’s (Best Friends For Life), even if life is happening during a zombie apocalypse.

    Written and directed by Lauren Kleeman, PHANTASMAGORIC is a send up of old 50’s sitcoms like “Leave it to Beaver” in a world where cannibalism is required.

    by Jeudi Cornejo Brealey

    Jeudi is a “vintage voiced chanteuse”, who specializes in salvaged sweet jazz, sourced from a time where the dance floor was the ultimate social platform and the prospect of romance was just a fox trot, Charleston, or Lindy hop away.

    from Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine

    Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine are award-winning filmmakers, actors, and writers. Their first film, the horror comedy “The Selling,” premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival, played at over 30 film festivals, was in the Top 10 of About.com’s Best Horror Movies of 2012, and received rave reviews from The Huffington Post, Ain’t It Cool News, and Filmthreat. 

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